Continental Village Council met in regular session in the Fire Station Meeting Room on December 22, 2020 with Mayor Miller presiding.  Members present were Armey, Bartley, Knipp, Varner, Streicher and Sullivan. Village Solicitor Welch, Police Chief Hardy, Fiscal Officer Darby and Administrator Prowant, were also present. Visitors: None. The meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance.

Council approved the minutes of previous meeting, bills as presented and Receipt listing. Then & Now Purchase Orders over $3000: D&M  Electric for $4000 and Gig Above for $11,488, approved.


Wage Reviews: Mayor attended the fire department meeting to find out their thoughts on the wage review. They liked the possibility of choosing to have the option to invest their fire run pay put into a 403 B-type policy. He informed them that council was looking at giving them at per run raise to $10/run and raising the Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief monthly salaries. The Mayor also recommended a 2-2.5% cost of living increase for most of the current employees. The Police Chief asked for a pay raise for his part-time officers to bring them more in line with the rest of the county.

An Executive Session held to discuss compensation of employees. Council returned to regular session and let the record show no action taken during the Executive Session.

Legislation to increase the following wages was approved, per hour wage of the part-time police officers from $12.75 to $15.00 per hour, per run pay for the firefighters from $6.00/run to $10.00 per run, monthly salary of the Fire Chief from $41.67 to $100, monthly wage of the Assistant Fire Chief from $20.83 to $50.00, and increased the wages of the Administrator, Water/Sewer Clerk, Police Chief, Fiscal Officer, Seasonal part-time Worker, Full time Maintenance worker who is not on probationary period by 2.5%.

Discussed the purchase of a new police cruiser. Police Chief Hardy had gotten a quote from Mark Moats Ford for a 2021 Interceptor for $32,890 and a quote from RayleCom Communications for the install of all the police equipment for $16,759.70 for a total of $49,649.70. This vehicle will come equipped with the air cleaning heater system. The increased amount of police equipment they have to carry with them makes it difficult to have room to transport any passengers in the current Impala. Approved.

Darby gave council a quick update on the digital sign the village is purchasing with the Coronavirus money to help with informing the community on current restriction. The sign will have a section on it that will have a blue background with white lettering that says, Village of Continental, Established 1886. She also informed council that there is legislation that may allow a later date to get all the Coronavirus money spent.

An additional bill presented for approval to pay from J & M Excavating for $1909.61 to repair leaking valves on North Main Street. Approved.

CDBG Critical Infrastructure Update: Mayor Miller and Admin. Prowant will be making phone calls between Christmas and New Year’s for the income survey update in the Lakeland Ave. area so the Village can apply for this Grant.


Building permits: None

Sewer Tap on East Rice Street: a newly annexed property would like to tap into the Village’s sewer line extension from a few years ago. A quote for three options presented for council’s decision. Council approved option 3 for $4,546 that would use cold patch mix as a temporary fix for the cut in the roadway, instead of concrete. The village will have the patch fixed in the summer when other street paving will be going on.

Text Messaging Service: Mayor Miller received an ad for a different company and he will do some research on the options and bring back to council.

The water/sewer bills will go out the first week of January 2021.

Mayor Miller also gave council notice that come next year, the Village will need to shop around for a new internet provider since the antenna for Brightnet is on the old water tower and they don’t appear interested in the new tower’s location.

Mayor Miller wished everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

Meeting adjourned with no other business discussed.

Susan Darby, Fiscal Officer

Village of Continental